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Ted got 'er done!

Our Guarantee:

With a serious commitment, anyone who holds a valid US drivers license, is a US citizen or national and is healthy (according to FAA guidelines) can learn to safely fly a light sport aircraft. Flying is not difficult, however it is quite different from any ground based activity, making learning to fly safely impossible without the aid of a highly trained instructor and a good training aircraft.

The FAA spends millions of taxpayer dollars to create, support and regulate an airspace system that is second to none all without cost to the pilot! This includes training requirements, procedures for: airplane inspection and maintenance, scanning for aircraft, flying and taxing at airports, approaching airports, weather and visibility requirements, pilot proficiency requirements and much more.

Tom gets his sport license on summer break from law school.

If you are willing to commit the time and effort to train with our instructors we will skillfully guide you to becoming a safe, licensed Sport Pilot.

We guarantee with a concentrated effort and our support you WILL become a Pilot! We have never had a failure!

Once you have received your pilots’ license we will continue to support you and assist with:

  • Selecting a new or used aircraft for purchase
  • Locating a partner with which to purchase an aircraft
  • Join a flying club or organization
  • Keep your flying skills current and up to date
  • Locating rental aircraft
  • Additional training for advanced flying skills
  • Additional training for airports with control towers
  • Seaplane training
  • Tailwheel aircraft training
  • Completing a kit built aircraft, inspection, test flights and transition training
  • Aircraft certification and maintenance

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