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Russ, owner/instructor of Sport Pilot Aviation, holds a Commercial Land and Seaplane Rating in addition to a Sport Pilot Certificated Flight Instructor rating, land and sea. He began his Flight Instruction in 1999 after retiring as owner of an Ohio consumer electronics company. While attending high school, his uncle who was working on a commercial rating at the time, taught Russ to fly.

Russ is acting Fixed Wing Director of Aerosports Connection (ASC), an organization that actively supports the Light Sport and Ultralight communities.

Our Instructor Makes The Cover

A descendent of a family rich in education, his father taught high school math and science in secondary schools in Ohio. He and his father owned and operated a 4 generation family summer lodge in Michigan during the summer, where he taught sailing and waterskiing during high school and college.

Russ began teaching in Ultralight aircraft, the predecessor to Light Sport Aircraft where he earned an Advanced Flight Instructor (AFI) rating. He has trained in many of the former 'Ultralight Trainers' and Light Sport Aircraft, and is competent in both tri-gear and tail wheel equipped aircraft. He is qualified in both land and sea planes. His passion is float flying and was a beta tester for Skyranger aircraft on Shark brand amphibious floats (see photo gallery).

A Baby-Boomer, he specializes in training fellow 'boomers' that have always dreamt of being a pilot.

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