Please consider us for your Bi-Annual flight review. Those 24 months slip away so quickly that many pilots forget about obtaining a flight review to ‘stay legal’ and current.

Our flight review is tailored to the type of flying that you do and consists of exactly what the FAA mandates: a review of the regulations from Part 91 integrated into a discussion of any recent flying scenarios or challenges that could assist you in having a ‘greater understanding’ of the ‘system’ and your specific flying experiences and needs. We have an open discussion to bring you up to date with any recent regulation changes, such as the new ‘line-up and wait phraseology’ at towered airports and some of the proposed changes now published in an NPRM (notice of proposed rule making) that might affect you before your next review.

Often our clients request a half hour of maneuvering with a view limiting device to gain a fresh perspective if inadvertently flying into fog or a low overcast.

We then take to the air in your aircraft or ours and explore the edge of the aircrafts’ flight envelope performing some slow flight maneuvering and stall recovery. We then review emergency procedures. We wrap up with some performance take-off and landings.

We will focus on any specific items you wish to practice under the watchful eye of an instructor along with any skills our instructor determines need a ‘bit of polish’.

Typically an hour of time in discussion and an hour of flight time, this brush-up and review is adjusted to your unique requirements while satisfying the FAA’s requirements.

Warning: Please don’t cheat yourself by accepting anything less than the above services with any instructor you choose, should it not be one of ours. Statistics have proven that pilots with deteriorating skills cause accidents.

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