It would be an honor to assist you in completing your pilot license.

At Sport Pilot Aviation, we don’t accept more students than we can handle. We don’t want to be rushed and neither do you. Our trainer aircraft is nearly new, a 2007 model and is maintained in peak condition. Our aircraft are cleaned daily. You will never fly in a dirty aircraft. We schedule routine service only when the plane is not in use to avoid interruption in training schedules.

Mike finished up with Russ.

Our instructors take a genuine interest in you and your training experience. We strive to keep you excited and motivated to complete your flight training. We return emails within 24 hours or less and phone calls within hours.

Our instructors choose light winds and good weather days for your initial training so that you may feel the airplane, not the bumps of the air.

All we do is Sport Pilot Training, that’s our specialty, not private, commercial or other. We are very experienced in this type of flying and the numerous sport aircraft you will be flying and buying.

Reverend Walker Gets his Pilot's License, with our 'finish-up program'.

Our trainer’s adjustable seat backs and comfortable seating accommodate most pilots from 5’1” to 6’5”. An excellent heater and good venting make flying comfortable on those chilly mornings. Wing tanks keep the fuel smells out of the cockpit.

At Sport Pilot Aviation we brag about flexible scheduling, because we know your busy life is complicated and if you want to learn to fly we need to find a ‘fit’. Let us try! Please contact us to assist you in completing your sport pilot training.

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