Air Traffic Control Tower.

The sport pilot training is usually performed at a non-towered airport for simplicity. Once you receive your Sport Pilot Certificate you may desire to expand your ability to fly to airports with an operating control tower. These airports are generally located at desirable locations near larger cities and frequently are busy with activities and good on-field restaurants. Many are near attractions and beaches.

The FAA requires specific training and a logbook endorsement for a Sport Pilot to be able fly into or through an airports’ airspace that has an operating control tower.

Our Towered airport training consists of two to three flights into the towered environment and 1-2 hours of ground training to prepare you for the radio phraseology, regulations and procedures that you must know to safely operate around jets and helicopters and sometimes airlines that operate at these busier airports.

These towered airports intermittently have an abundance of traffic and knowing the procedures are mandatory for everyone’s safety that operates in this environment.

We know that unless you are comfortable in flying into these airports you simply will avoid them. Our goal is to help you feel relaxed and comfortable by being proficient. Our trainer’s top-of-the-line radio, intercom and headsets allow you to hear the tower and ground controllers as clearly as possible to increase your comfort level.

Please plan on 2-3 hours of dual instruction and 1-2 hours of ground training.

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