Our Advanced Skills Program grew out of popular demand for training beyond the Sport Pilot license. The goal is to increase a pilot’s proficiency to enable him/her to safely fly in stronger winds, closer to the surface (land/water) and to be able to maneuver the airplane more aggressively. The training includes flying with a view limiting device (under the hood) to simulate and recover from accidentally entering fog, clouds or a low overcast.

Being able to safely ‘crank and bank’ or ‘throw the airplane around’ are terms often heard in club meetings and in hangar conversations. What these pilots are referring to is the ability to more rapidly roll into and out of turns often accompanied by more rapid power and pitch changes.


A pilot might be required to maneuver an aircraft aggressively during strong winds to counter turbulence or wind shear. Avoiding an impending traffic conflict with another aircraft or bird would be another application. A pilot may simply want to ‘flick’ the aircraft around just for fun.

Being able to maneuver an aircraft more aggressively requires a greater understanding of the aircrafts limitations and properly managing the energy stored in the airplanes altitude and airspeed. More advanced flight control coordination and mastering wind compensation while slipping aid flying safely in stronger winds which extends an aircrafts usefulness to days where a lesser skilled pilot would not be able to fly.

Any pilot interested in becoming a flight instructor should consider this course as a part of the flight instructor training. Being competent at aggressive maneuvering could possibly be required if an extreme unusual attitude were encountered by a potential student, in which the flight instructor needed to quickly correct.

The syllabus includes ten one hour flight lessons and ten hours of ground instruction at our normal dual instruction rate.

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