Our Instructors provide training during daylight hours seven days per week. Your first five flight lessons should be scheduled either in the morning or late afternoon to take advantage of the smoothest air possible. Due to the uneven heating of the earth’s surface the air gets ‘bumpy’ during the midday hours making ‘feeling’ the airplane more difficult. Learning to feel comfortable in the ‘bumps’ (called thermals) is an important part of pilot training however it is not beneficial in the first few lessons. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your initial flight time.

We take advantage of bad weather days to focus on ground training. We attempt to choose days when the winds are forecast to be light during your early training sessions. As you become more skilled it is important to learn to fly in stronger winds for a balanced set of flying skills. You can trust your instructor to schedule flights to take advantage of the best conditions for a balanced experience.

Plan on between 2-3 hours per lesson including pre and post flight discussions and a bit of ground training. This will be adjusted to suit your and our unique scheduling requirements, with 1.5 hours as the minimum.

We suggest scheduling three lessons per week. It is not uncommon for one of these lessons to be cancelled for winds/weather/fog leaving two sessions per week, which is the absolute minimum. We do require a 24 hour notice for a lesson cancellation to allow your time slot to be filled without incurring a cancellation fee.

Your goal is to fly at least two to three times per week for maximum retention. During an accelerated course you will plan on flying daily, one to two flight lessons per day. Note: It takes a few lessons and plenty of rest to develop the endurance to benefit from two flights in one day.

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