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Tail-wheel equipped aircraft are aptly named “conventional gear” aircraft as this configuration with the steerable wheel in the rear of the airplane was the standard for decades and is still popular due to the better propeller to ground clearance (for safer unimproved runway performance) and reduction in weight and drag yielding faster cruising speeds.

Kitfox IV tailwheel.

There are many myths about tail-wheel equipped aircraft. The truth is that if you learned to fly in a tail-wheel airplane you wouldn’t know any different. Tail-wheel aircraft can be a bit tricky to fly especially in strong crosswinds causing them to have some limitations in stronger winds. The rewards that come from mastering a tail-wheel airplane are tremendous and when competent in tail-wheel you will earn pilot respect among the pilot community. Check with several insurance carriers before you purchase a tailwheel equipped aircraft as some carries will not insure a student pilot in a tailwheel equipped design.

Our Eurofox trainer is nose wheel equipped (tricycle gear) which has been the standard since the 1950’s for training. Although slightly heavier and slower, nose wheel equipped aircraft are more forgiving when landing which is perfect for a beginner and are able to takeoff and land in stronger winds. For these reasons the tail-wheel rating is now considered by most as an add-on privilege to your Sport Pilot Certificate, requiring additional specific training and a logbook endorsement once completed. Please consult your insurance company for specifics before purchase.

Kolb Mark III Extra.

If you are planning on purchasing a tail wheel equipped airplane our instructors will be happy to aid you with the transition into the tail wheel world of flying and provide the necessary endorsements to be able to fly conventional gear.

We do not have a tailwheel equipped aircraft in our training fleet at this time.

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