Final Approach to land Runway 2, Michigan.

The Sport Pilot License or ‘certificate’ was created by the FAA in September 2004 and is considered by many to be the best thing the FAA has ever done to promote safe, affordable, recreational flight. Our training program meets all of the FAA requirements with an emphasis on safety. We cover the ‘what-ifs’ so you are a prepared and safe pilot.

Our students often comment that the journey of learning to fly is the most rewarding and exciting accomplishment a person can have. Simple sport flying is fun, addictive and something you can share with friends and loved ones for many years.

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Your first lessons, will teach you about the airplane, the terminology, its engine and what allows the plane to fly. You will learn about the instruments, their purpose and how to find your way around the sky. You will, on your very first flight, operate the airplane on the ground (taxi). You will maneuver the airplane in flight and get a feel for the controls and their feedback. In subsequent flights you will learn to climb, descend and maintain straight and level flight. By the second or third flight you will perform the take-off. You will make shallow, medium and steep turns and become proficient at operating the airplane throughout its speed range. You will practice gliding, take-off and landings. You will learn to fly ‘by-feel’, also known as ‘seat-of-the-pants’ flying. You will become familiar with the airport signs and markings and how to use the aircraft radio to alert other pilots of your intentions to enhance safety.

On the perfect evening when winds are light, when you and your instructor feel you are ready, your instructor will talk to you by radio from the edge of the runway while you practice landings on your first solo flight.

You then are trained to safely experience the joy of cross country flying making a two hour cross country flight with your instructor and then by yourself. After completing an on-line home study ground school you will pass a 40 question multiple choice ‘knowledge’ test. You then review the basic flight maneuvers as you polish your skills for the ‘practical’ with the flight examiner.

The Windsock, a pilot's  friend!

At the conclusion of your ‘practical’ you will go home knowing that you are an FAA certified Sport Pilot. You will have accomplished something that very few people have the privilege of experiencing…. becoming a pilot. You will be forever changed and think about the sky in a whole new way. Pilots ‘walk tall’ knowing they have been able to accomplish what few others have. You then will be part of an elite club of aviators.

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