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Instructor: $50.00/hr. Ground and flight time.
If using your aircraft add $10.00/hr.
Seaplane training add $10.00/hr.

Eurofox trainer rental = $85.00/hr. (includes fuel)

Dual instruction: our plane + instructor = $135.00/hr.

Ferry costs to another airport (other than our home airport) are by quote and subject to availability.

Please budget $4,500 to $5000 which includes the aircraft rental, your instructors’ fee, the knowledge and practical tests (if completing the training in the FAA’s required minimum flight time of 20 flight hours). Add flight and ground training time at the above rates should additional training time be required.

Your Trainer

Please note: Everyone learns at a different rate. To maximize efficiency and minimize costs we suggest 2-3 training flights per week. We also recommend planning on investing 1-2 hours per day reviewing the training materials. This will aid in reducing costs by accelerating your learning and minimizing regression.

Although keeping costs low is our goal, ultimately you being a safe, proficient pilot is the most important consideration. Preparation is the key to maximum value.

Discounts are available for training you and a friend or spouse concurrently.

During your introductory flight lesson, we will discuss a program that fits your schedule and budget.

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