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Final approach runway 36 Sebring Florida.

How do you know whether you will like flying Light Sport or light planes? Your introductory flight is the first step to get started in Sport Flying. This is the time to interview your instructor and ask questions. You want to inspect the trainer aircraft and try it on for size.

You should discuss your goals and determine whether you feel you and your instructor are compatible. Discuss your schedule, costs and any reservation you might have about flying. Your instructor should be interested in you and be warm and friendly.

You will receive a mini-lesson touching on several topics you will explore in-depth in your training including pre-flight inspection, checklist use, engine operations, taxi, and airport signs. You will taxi the aircraft (operate it on the ground), and then take-off on a fun-filled and exciting flight. You will be able to handle the flight controls in flight and discover just how incredibly exciting and easy it is to fly a light sport aircraft.

This airport begs to be landed on, Fla east coast.

You will be able to view southwest Florida and the Gulf of Mexico or Northwest Michigan and the many local lakes from a vantage point that only a privileged few are able to experience.

You will discover the incredible beauty and excitement of flying and realize how easy it is to maneuver an airplane both on the ground and in flight. You will receive an “introductory flight” booklet which will summarize the experience and give you information on basics of the aircraft and its instruments along with some basic aerodynamics. If you are not totally thrilled with your introductory flight, you may be the first. Most say it was an experience they will never forget.

Afternoon Flight on the Florida Gulf Coast

A photograph of you with the Eurofox trainer and your instructor will be sent via email to lord over your friends and family.

Plan approximately 2 hours for this session.

Costs: $99.00 cash.

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