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We have chosen the Eurofox side-by-side tri-gear aircraft as our training aircraft for it’s ‘helicopter -like’ visibility, ease of entry and exit and precise, honest handling qualities. We have been able to accommodate clients from 5’3” to 6’7” and 125 to 265 lbs. Adjustable seat backs allow for a wide range of pilot heights.

Eurofox in a cruise-climb at 2,750' and climbing.

The Eurofox is a comfortable aircraft. The full dual controls are perfect for training. The controls are placed in a natural position. The flight controls require a light touch in flight. The vernier style throttle allows for positive control of engine power especially at the lower end of the power range for precise landings. Flight characteristics are crisp but gentle without any surprises. There are no ‘hidden’ quirks as with other designs often used for training. The delightful handling is ‘sports-car-like’ making it exciting to flick around as you become more skilled. The responsive handling allows the plane to handle wind conditions that would ground other less-responsive designs.

Eurofox, plush comfortable seats.jpg

The fully instrumented panel with top-of-the-line GPS makes navigation simple. Find your destination, push the ‘GoTo’ button and follow the indicators to wherever you wish to explore. With a speed range of 45 to 125 mph; easy entry, beautiful appointments and incredible visibility the Eurofox is a delight to fly. If you have ever flown in a high-wing aircraft such as a Cessna, you will be stunned by the incredible visibility the Eurofox provides compared to these other designs. You can see in all directions, greatly increasing your enjoyment and safety.

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