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You may have been flying Ultralight fixed wing aircraft with or without an ultralight pilot or BFI/AFI rating and wish to transition to the FAA Sport Pilot rating to take advantage of the faster, more capable longer range 1 and 2 seat LSAs.

We are fully prepared to assist you with that transition. We have aided numerous ultralight pilots of all skill levels to obtain their sport rating. Our transition training includes dual instruction (as required) to allow you to be able to fly to the FAA’s published standards required of all sport pilots in preparation for the Sport Pilot Practical Test. We will assist you in being able to understand and operate an LSA in the US airspace system.

Our focus is on the regulations, navigation, and airspace requirements. We will assist you in having an understanding of the complexities of the FAA system and how to feel confident with using the sectional chart and GPS for navigation. You will learn larger airport operations, signs and markings and how to make position announcement with confidence on the aircraft radio.

Together we will polish your skills and schedule your practical test in your aircraft or ours. You can take advantage of our on-line or CD software to prepare for the Sport Pilot 40 question knowledge test.

One of our skilled ultralight/Sport Pilot instructors walks you through the transition without a hitch. You will benefit from an increased skill level and an understanding of the US airspace system and its many free services and how to utilize them for safe cross country flying. Many LSA’s have a nonstop range of 400-600 miles and learning to fly safely longer distances are one of the many exciting privileges of a Sport Pilot.

Your new confidence will increase your safety and enjoyment. You will legally be able to fly 2-seat light sport compliant aircraft that has an airworthiness certificate along with an FAA issued “N” number with the same freedoms shared by Private and Commercial pilots.

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